Tuesday, March 10, 2009

History Repeats Itself!

On my recent trip to Delhi in Shatabdi, I saw an interesting scene being played out which kinda made me realize to some extent how this whole man-woman, man-man, woman-woman thing works! It was something like this.

Two kids in my compartment. 1 girl, 1 sardar boy.

The girl was crying out aloud immediately after the train started and her mom was assuaging her. (Read alone)

Enter this Sardar boy. He is happily running here and there and randomly hitting the people who were trying to catch some sleep. (Read selling him self. Making himself the center of attraction)

The girl becomes quiet. As looks at the boy carefully! (Read: The ball’s been hit and the striker moves to first base!)

The sardar keeps running and then all of a sudden touches her (Well, you know what to “make out” of it)

The girl is obviously baffled. Her mom, however, lets her go and she is free now. (Read: Free from the other boundations that the society imposes on her) She goes towards the boy.

The stupid sardar now extends the hand of firandships to her (Read proposes) and is staring hard at the girl.

Girl is confused and runs to mom (read friends). She is encouraged to go back and be friends. (Read, friends convincing. “Oh, he loves you so much”, “she really really cares for you”, “you both make such a nice couple”)

She then shakes hand with the guy (Home run!)

Then after a moment or two she takes her teddy (read, girly stuff and other emotional baggage) to the sardar. He is baffled.(Commitment issues?)

He therefore goes back to his mom (continue with his guy stuff) and the girl comes back to her and starts crying again! (alone, again!)

I guess this is how things turn out for us adults. However, I am pretty sure years from now the same kids after going through a failed relationship would wonder “why does this happen to me only, everyone says I am such a nice guy/gal.. sob sob )

Well, fucker! You were a loser then and no one realized it, you are a loser now and your friends know it, and you will be a loser in future too and then you too will know it! Only, it may be lil too late to make the amends!

If only you learned from your mistakes or realized your true self!

But yeah I guess we all do start early! :-)

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